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Rolls- Royce limited is of British origin and was founded in the year 1906 by its cofounders Charles Stewart Rolls and Henry Royce. One of the biggest competitors for Rolls-Royce is Bentley. Rolls Royce has several prominent brands like Phantom, Dawn, Ghost, Wraith, etc in its product line up in its marketing mix. It has a tremendous legacy and is an inspirational brand. Rolls Royce is not the product which the masses can buy and so it does not even follow the regular advertising strategy. The company particularly serves to the niche segment, so using mass media like TV, print, newspaper ads, etc is not appropriate for the brands’ standard. Rolls Royce being a luxury brand and a social status symbol attracts elite people. What makes Rolls Royce a powerful brand is word of mouth, usage by rich, successful celebrities and businessmen. This is the biggest marketing or brand awareness which the company can do. Regular PR coverage through news articles, TV shows, etc creates the dominance of the luxury car brand.

Bentley Motors is a British automobile organization that creates luxury motorcars. The brand is in huge demand for racing cars. It believes more in ethical marketing rather than extravagant marketing. Bentley believes that if there is no real demand then there is no point of selling cars to the consumers. It uses some of the innovative promotional schemes when it launches its new products. With proper campaigns and advertisement both on TV and the internet, Bentley makes sure that their new product is reached to their targeted customer. Participation in various branded shows also enhances the new Bentley product’s visibility.

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