Key factors that Can Make or Break your Marketing strategy

“Good Marketing is pushing your customer where you want them to be, But great marketing is meeting your customer where they already stand!” – Meghan Keaney Anderson

Do you have a correct approach towards marketing or you are just following your competitors? In today’s scenario marketing your product has become equally difficult as creating a new product. Businesses are failing in selling an extraordinary product in the market due to poor marketing strategiesCompanies only see unique content for their advertisement but the base rule is to develop a concept, without this, you will not find your story and that is where many of the organizations are failing. There is a process to be followed for a successful marketing campaign:

  1. Concept
  2. Content
  3. Creativity

We believe that with the help of Thoughtful concept, Captivating content, and Passionate creativity in marketing, businesses can elevate to different heights. We strongly stand with the fact that by following these three steps along with telling your story to your audience, you can change many perceptions about your brand and turn the expectations of your customers into a and satisfactory delight.


Thoughtful concept:

The very first step in marketing that can meaningfully represent the idea behind the advertisement, is the concept. It conveys the story about the brand and the product. Without thinking about the concept, you cannot work on the content and if you do so then there is no goal set by the company with their target audience.

While the process of designing profound concepts, there are few major targets that must be kept in mind by the companies.

  1. The most essential aspect while generating a concept is, to define the particular segment where you are willing to target. 
  2. Then comes the step where you ensure that the concept conveys the purpose of your business to the target audience. 
  3. Instead of blindly following the competitor, thinking out of the box can help you stand out and generate a unique identity of your product in your customer’s mind.


Enlightenment of Emotional Quotient

Nowadays it is seen that many organizations understand the thought-process and aims at the customer’s Emotional Quotient. 

The emotional quotient of the human brain helps in the decision-making process and by focusing on that, companies help their customers to connect with the brand easily. You can gain two major benefits by the use of emotional quotient:

  1. By creating unique advertisements that are based on day to day lives of the customer, allows them to relate to what they are watching.
  2. Rather than just simply displaying your product in an ad, aiming to the emotional factors and telling stories helps you gain qualitative attention easily.


Captivating Content:

The right expression for the business lies in the richness of its content!

After building up the concept, it comes to erecting the content that efficiently communicates the concept to their target audience. The best way to think about creativity is when it challenges your own assumptions. The effective and catchy language used in jingles or slogans will help the company in gaining attention and makes it possible for their audience to remember you in an effective way. The precision and effectiveness of the used words are the most dominant tools in creating exceptional content. The world has witnessed many advertising disasters by not selecting the right word or the language for marketing. 

In marketing, content is not only about running a campaign but it also makes you committed to the message that has been communicated. It is not only about storytelling rather it is about telling your story in a well-executed manner.

  1. You can take the example of how Tata failed in selling their historic product ‘Nano’ because of the misleading message that was conveyed by calling their product ‘cheapest’.
  2. Or how to tag line of Red Bull, that says “Red Bull gives you wings.”, cost them 13 Million dollars of a lawsuit which lead them to change the way they spelled the word ‘Wings’.


Passionate Creativity:

True creativity lies where intelligence is combined with fun. 

In the end, it all comes to compiling the concepts and the content into beautiful designs. With the help of unique graphics, animation, and selection of right visuals that can create a memorable experience for people. Creative content ensures you gain a response from your customers and capture the viewer’s mind immediately. The inventive execution of your strategies will help you gain attention on the very first occasion itself.


Here, the concept is to focus on these 3c’s to achieve remarkable results in the market. If any of these elements are missing in your marketing campaign, then there will be a negative impact on the audience. The concept is the base while Content is the brain and Creativity is the soul.