The secret behind Apple’s success

Apple’s success isn’t about just making a lot of money by selling a lot of products. All success is of their marketing strategies.

Apple’s marketing mix creates constant babbling among fans who stand in line for hours, just to get the first sight of a new Apple product the minute it’s released throughout social media.

Another secret of Apple is transforming casual purchasers into brand ambassadors that can be applied to any business in any niche industry.

1. Marketing 

Look and feel of the product:


The first touch and feel sensory experience customers have is with eye-grabbing images, text, and color of the packaging. The box of Apple has an elegant white or black color with a clean corner of the box. Apple works on minimal packaging no words or no descriptions, only brand the star of the show with an iPhone image. Apple avoids bulky manuals about device working.

The easy to open unboxing provides an unforgettable experience. For the same Apple’s designer spends months opening hundreds of boxes for testing angles & shapes.

Powerful store image creation:

Apple store image creation

Earlier, Apple used traditional retail outlets which were not providing the aesthetically pleasing experience to inspire customer loyalty and direct access to the target audience. So, Apple decided to open its own lavish white store model. As of 2015, Apple opened more than 460 stores across the globe to give hands-on interaction with products. All the Apple products from the iPhones to MacBook to Apple watch – speak the promise of the in-store experience to fine-tune the balance between appearance and function. Apple starts the ‘enriching lives’ campaign, meant that customers could see, touch, and play with devices all connected to the Internet as long as they wanted.

Unique product launch:

Apple is well known for magisterial media build-up that would become one of the most heralded technological product launches. The audience literally gasps and applauds at every moment, magical moments.

The main objective of such an event is not much about introducing gadgets. Steve Jobs doesn’t push the features of products. Apple knows most people can easily get such information on its website. Standing there on stage he creates an experience at the center of the digital revolution aura and emphasizes how the product affects a person.

Great product knowledge:

Apple employee

Nothing at the Apple Store is taken for granted. Starting from greetings as you walk into the store to the way Genius technical/troubleshooting specialists communicate with customers. Reaching the Apple store a ‘specialist’ will check the customer with an iPad, showcasing the technology. Apple carefully considers the experience its customers have at every touch-point. 

Great customer satisfaction: 

Apple’s incredible focus on delivering a fine product and insane experience- like replacing a phone for free to not let the customer wait too long for the problem to be diagnosed. Apple offers a higher degree of convenience with its omnichannel support system through email, phone, live chat, support on Twitter, and YouTube support channel.

2. Software

Apple iOS

Unique software creation:

Apple has never simply followed the crowd to create products that fit the standard. Rather, they focus on creating innovative products to change the market. Also, Apple products don’t require antivirus software as they are highly secured.

Simple user experience:

Some might think the design is how it looks. But the deeper side is, it's about how it works and how it provides user experience. The user experience is how devices perform faster and are easy to use. What Apple does in hardware is focused on the user experience. What Apple does in software is focused on the user experience. What Apple does in services. Apple works on a simple and same strategy. 

Simple introduction guide:

Apple avoids bulky manuals about device working. Also, the beginner-friendly guide is up to go for any user. It is quick as it can automate tedious tasks with fewer numbers of clicks and easy as a complicated task can be accomplished by a series of simple and smaller pieces of tasks.

3. Privacy policy

Most secured privacy:

Apple maintains a solid set of regulations for submitting iOS apps to the App Store to protect the system. iOS is a closed system. Apple doesn’t release source code to any app developers and nobody can modify the code on their phones themselves. 

These are the reason behind such a powerful brand and lofty stock valuation. The marketing helps all media and fan frenzy to never got hurt. Apple is a role model for any smart modern brand that wants to create a buzz and super-loyal customers who will be a brand advocate.

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