Is Marketing a ‘Science’ or an ‘Art’?

Science and Art are an integral part of marketing as in the Journal of Marketing in 1945, explored marketing as a scientific practice for the business, eradicating popular belief at a time.

Both sides of the argument keep coming and oppose each other with explanations that claim the classic advertising era will relate marketing with art where the digital era will relate marketing to science. The arguments are still persisting and with no official conclusion, that marketing is an Art or Science.


Two sides of a coin!

Evidently, marketing indeed is quarter parts science and quarter parts art, marketing needs both and achieves from both disciplines who often sit on either side of the difference.

Science is a branch of knowledge or a study that comprises of facts and truths arranged into a chronology to show general laws.

Art is a quality of products, expressing a realm and aesthetically beautiful, appealing, and significance."

The ability to put – An emerged idea (that of the client) into a magic trail-

Marketing influences the behavior of other people to bring them closer to the brand, their organization, a specific product, or services.

Understanding of the behaviors, with a psychological perspective, and analyzing how people react to stimuli, becomes a focus for marketers since the last few decades. Since digital marketing has progressed in the field of marketing, it has become scientifically led with strategies and creativity collectively.

As marketers; we are looking into making our campaigns more effective to serve as a message that is more likely to be received well and to create a bond between the brand and the people. (see the IKEA effect). If you understand those who look into influencing their behaviors, habits, and receptiveness to marketing messages, the more successful you will be.

(Our secret at marketing: Anything on board targets each individual personally)


An emotional connect

The goal of marketing is to create a demand in the minds of the people. Science helps in determining the scale of this demand, but it cannot deliver it without the help of art getting involved in it. This delivery of the message to its target audience is a key factor that attributes as art. Successful marketing is to instil an emotional connection with the customer. LinkedIn says that B2B buyers are more likely to connect if targeted emotionally to a brand.

Similarly, art performs an intricate connection with the customers by tapping upon the most intimate triggers of need or desire. An artist knows how to craft campaigns that act upon the audience’s desires, use them as a driving force for the brand. Without these elements, campaigns often lack the very essence upon which people take action.

Art is being creative

When marketing campaigns come without a dose of creativity, they fail badly in creating a unique and subtle trigger in a life full of sciences. Complex scientific elements are dealt with, often needed expression, that makes marketing appeal to the emotions.

Creating a website, a video, an article, or a flyer that requires the marketer to become creative, himself. A designing context also forms the concept. With the introduction of digital along with offline branding was normal as it became all about the creativity of the art and the who uses it to maximum optimization.

Comparisons with the past time in the marketing world are true but this was a lot of waste of time. Data detection works when you are fully aware of the famous advertising quote:
John Wanamaker: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

Branding with Marketing promotes authenticity and builds trust, which for the most reasons cannot always be measured. But their progress can be tracked accordingly.

The biological evidence

The artistic sense is originated from the right side of the brain whereas the scientific sense is originated from the left side of the brain and we succeed when both sides of the brain work in sync and we need both within our marketing campaign creation. Both combat each other to get the best out of our creativity and campaign as well as it’s organization.  A  perfect marketing strategy balances creativity along with its analysis, intuitive data, emotions, and logic.

Choose the Best to unleash the Rest!


Hope you enjoy the process of learning and creating!

Stay tuned for more!