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AI and the Changing Game of Marketing

Chat GPT and more broadly AI-based technology are the talk of the town these days. Love it or hate it, it’s clear that AI is here to stay and is transforming the way we create content in the digital marketing world! So why not take the time to explore the magical world of AI and digital marketing? Because let’s face it, AI is the new digital superhero on the block, and it’s here to transform the way we create content. Be it personalized messaging or automated analysis, AI is taking over the digital marketing game, and we’re here for it! But the question that everyone is asking is… what exactly is AI bringing to the table, and more begrudgingly… what do we need to do to keep up with this technological wizardry?

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room: Can robots write content better than humans? 

GPT-4, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, is capable of writing coherent and engaging content… Content, so precise and engaging, that you’d be hard-pressed to distinguish it from content written by a human. This Phantom’s Tollbooth can analyze vast amounts of data and create personalized content at scale. For instance, The Washington Post uses an AI-powered tool called Heliograf to write news articles on topics such as high school sports and election results. Heliograf uses data analysis to create articles that are accurate and informative. They recently published an article about a high school football game, entirely written by an AI. This shows that AI is definitely giving us humans a run for our money!

But before we all jump on the AI bandwagon, let’s consider the potential drawbacks. Sure, chatbots like Domino’s Dom are cool and all, but we don’t want to leave our customer service reps out of a job… Based on our foray down the rabbit hole, relying too heavily on AI for content creation could lead to some seriously boring and generic marketing materials. So we best find ways to balance the benefits of AI with good ol’ human creativity and empathy, shall we?

So, what kind of superpowers is AI bringing to the digital marketing game? Umm, for starters, it’s providing us with the ability to analyze data in a way that is hard to wrap your head around. Google Analytics can analyze your website data and provide insights into customer behavior and preferences in real-time. This enables you to create personalized content and marketing campaigns that are spot on. Talk about mind blown!. Oh, another example? Content recommendation algorithms used by Netflix and Spotify – the ones that suggest what other content you’d enjoy?  Ya, that’s AI too.

Chatbots.  Yet another example of the transformation brought about by AI.  H&M’s Kik chatbot can help customers find the perfect outfit by analyzing their preferences and suggesting clothing items based on their style. We have all witnessed how that has shopping only more enjoyable and personalized. 

And that’s only the beginning! The potential for immersive and captivating content has become limitless with the advent of virtual and augmented reality technologies. IKEA has an AR app called IKEA Catalogue that allows customers to place virtual furniture in their homes before making a purchase! Amazon is hot on the heels of this advancement too. 

It’s quite obvious that in order to stay ahead of the AI curve, we must acquire some extraordinary abilities, maybe some superpowers. To stand out in the highly competitive realm of digital marketing, it’s essential to be open to novel approaches. By being receptive to fresh ideas and exploring innovative techniques, we can devise marketing campaigns that are truly exceptional and appeal to a broader audience. Therefore, let’s remain inquisitive, daring, and unafraid to explore the uncharted territories of what’s achievable in digital marketing.