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The Ripple Effect: How Logo Changes Sparked Business Transformations

Within the dynamic domain of branding, the evolution of logos offers an engrossing examination of the complex interplay among design, consumer perception, and corporate identity. In this blog, we examine how big, well-known brands have intentionally used logo changes to win people over. We also explore the psychology underlying logo revisions.

famous logo changes

Famous Logo Changes Made by Well-Known Brands

1. Twitter’s Flight of Evolution

twitter logo changes

When Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, he decided to replace the company’s iconic blue bird emblem with a schematic ‘X’ in line with his goal of turning the 17-year-old site into an all-encompassing app. Many people are considering the significance of the change to the Twitter logo. It’s a major rebranding, not just a tweak to the look.

The platform’s continued dedication to innovation, adaptability, and customer satisfaction is embodied by the shift to the “X.” Customers should anticipate a more interesting, user-centered experience and a fresh focus on contemporary features.

2. Facebook’s Social Connection

facebook logo changes

With Facebook’s new logo, a cleaner, more contemporary appearance became the main focus. The platform’s dedication to creating real connections is reflected in this modification.

With the new logo, Facebook aimed to create a more striking, dynamic, and timeless representation of itself. As a crucial component of the app’s identity, each of the unique, fresh enhancements promotes more coherence throughout the overall design.

3. Myntra’s Fashion Forward Leap

myntra logo changes

Famous Indian fashion e-commerce site Myntra was forced to alter its logo as a result of a complaint made by Naaz Patel, the founder of the Avesta Foundation, an NGO.

The activist from Mumbai claimed that the company’s emblem is derogatory and disrespectful to women, as reported by the Indian Express. Recognizing that the Mumbai Police’s cybercrime department had received a complaint against them, the company recently released an updated logo.

4. Nokia’s Tech Symphony

nokia logo changes

The Nokia logo ensures recognition today by representing stability, advanced technology, and continuous progress. Since the river gave the company its name, the fish in the first logo represented the spirit of the Nokianvirta River. Nokia updated its logo in 2023 so that it was no longer associated with smartphones.

The company has been expanding into various industry sectors for almost ten years, the main one being the manufacturing of telecom equipment. The primary emblem version’s signature dark blue color has lightened, which is connected to the goal of grabbing prospective customers’ attention. The color selection conveys inventiveness, vitality, and freshness.

5. Mahindra’s Sustainable Drive

mahindra logo changes

Mahindra, which was listed in the top 20 of the Fortune India 500, is one of the biggest corporations in the region for its industry. The business was given its name in honor of Mahindra, an Indian deity regarded as the most powerful monarch on Earth. The company’s name choice conveys strength and confidence, a commitment to quality and research, and a goal of being the industry leader.

The Mahindra badge’s wording was eliminated in the makeover of 2021, leaving only a modern, three-dimensional insignia as part of the design. Currently, it is an abstract composition made up of two mirrored matte silver gradient parts. The elements feature sharpened and lengthened upper sections that, when arranged face-to-face, create a contour that resembles the letter “M.”

6. Google’s Kaleidoscopic Creativity

google logo changes

Google’s logo modifications have become recognizable and are a reflection of the company’s innovative and creative culture. The elegant changes made by Google over the past 20 years demonstrate an intriguing evolution that led to the creation of the modern, recognizable icon.

Google designed the font, known as Product Sans, in-house for their most recent logo. It draws attention to the logo’s absence of shadow and strong color contrast while giving the typeface a more contemporary appearance that doesn’t seem to have come straight out of a typewriter. 

7. Pepsi’s Refreshing Reinvention

pepsi logo changes

PepsiCo revealed on March 28th that a new visual identity system and logo will be used for Pepsi, the company’s flagship brand, on cans, bottles, and other products. The brand’s rich history is honored while making a bold move forward with the new logo and visual design.

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PepsiCo revealed on March 28th that a new visual identity system and logo will be used for Pepsi, the company’s flagship brand, on cans, bottles, and other products. The brand’s rich history is

Key design aspects include the reunification of the Pepsi globe and wordmark, a revised color palette that now combines a darker electric blue with black to give contrast, vitality, and a contemporary edge, and a whole new can silhouette, in addition to the new custom typography.

8. The Play Store’s Digital Evolution

playstore logo changes

The recently unveiled Google Play logo is a significant change from the previous version, which is depicted above, but it is more evolutionary than revolutionary. The new logo keeps the basic structure of the old one, which unmistakably suggests a “Play” button, but the colors—yellow, green, red, and blue—are now stronger, more saturated, and have a greater effect.

The modification aligns the colors with those of other Google logos, including the logos for Chrome and Drive. The play icon’s shape has also altered, with more rounded corners. Additionally, there has been a change in the color segments’ proportions. In the old logo, light blue occupied the most space; today, all four colors have the same weight. The old logo seems out of place in comparison to this one, which offers a fantastic feeling of balance. 

9. Amazon’s A to Z Transformation

amazon logo changes

The multinational e-commerce company Amazon has subtly altered the logo for its mobile phone app in response to customer feedback.

Amazon has updated its phone app symbol and design. The new app’s logo is a brown box with an adhesive blue strip that looks like tape over its iconic arrow symbol. It looks like a shipping box. The new logo was created to make customers feel the same way they would if they saw the boxes arrive at their door—excited, joyful, and ready to shop.

10. Kia’s Drive for Innovation

kia logo changes

Kia has always been a fairly subdued brand. Unless it was for those now-iconic advertisements for the Kia Soul that could not stop airing in the late 2000s, it rarely receives media recognition for its design and marketing decisions. The corporation revealed the dramatic redesign of its logo last year, stating that the absence of a crossbar in the letter “A” suggested “an air of futuristic high technology.”

The new logo, according to Kia’s internal design team, symbolizes rising, symmetry, and rhythm and reflects the company’s resolve to drive innovation and transformation. Both the company’s new motto, “movement that inspires,” and its logo were influenced by the love of city life.

Although the new logo is meant to depict the state of progress and adaptation to suit consumers’ changing needs, deviating so much from the original design left customers distracted by its uncanny resemblance to the Nine Inch Nails logo and its minor design errors. 


The development of these logos has involved more than just aesthetics; it has been a calculated tango with corporate narratives, industry trends, and customer perceptions. Brands can tread carefully in balancing their commitment to their core values with their need to adapt to a constantly changing consumer landscape by comprehending the psychology underlying these shifts. At Infiniqe Marketing, we understand the value of this kind of information and use it to inform effective digital marketing plans for our wide range of customers.