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Must have Plug-ins to Optimize your E-Commerce Store

Shopify is the most practical way to launch and set up an online store, which explains why more than 50,000 executives utilize its tools and plugins to run their websites. They handle everything, including delivery, secure checkout, and payments. With an estimated 38,048+ active Shopify stores in India, Shopify has established itself as one of the most popular solutions for business operations.

But what features specifically does Shopify have that set it apart? Choosing a cutting-edge platform with a variety of plug-ins makes it easy to create and manage an eCommerce site.

Surprisingly, Shopify comes with plugins for practically every feature needed for an online store. In fact, Shopify plugins are widely credited with the platform’s enormous growth. More than 7000 Shopify plugins are available in the main store, more than 1500 of which are completely free.

Once your Shopify store is operational, there are more methods to improve it and maximize the benefits of the platform.

We gathered a few of the top Shopify plug-ins that are essential to have in order to increase sales.

  1. HubSpot CRM

All you require for lead and customer management, tracking, and nurturing is Hubspot CRM. The best part is that it is always and completely free.

The HubSpot Shopify app integrates the data from your online store with HubSpot, enabling it to automate and customize your marketing activities. By sending emails to site visitors who have abandoned their basket items so you may encourage them to make a purchase, HubSpot enables you to take your sales and marketing strategy to the next level.

All of your interactions with clients are recorded by HubSpot CRM, and all of the integrated data is automatically maintained in a chronological timeline. This will help you better personalize your approach when approaching potential partners.

  1. Sendinblue for Shopify  

The creation of a list is crucial because it is what results in profitable sales and effective marketing. However, once you have identified your leads, you must nurture them using an effective email marketing solution. The more people you add to your email list, the better chances of conversion you are likely supposed to get. 

Use of the Sendinblue plugin for Shopify is entirely free and doesn’t necessitate knowledge of programming. With this plugin, you may categorize your email contacts based on previous purchases, examine a variety of email data within your Shopify environment, and much more. It is one of the most practical ways to combine lead nurturing and marketing strategies in a networked environment. Sendinblue claims that setting up your Shopify/Sendinblue integration just takes ten minutes, allowing you to resume working without losing track of time.

  1. Spocket

A Shopify plugin that facilitates commerce is called Spocket. You may quickly look for appropriate products using your unique criteria on the Spocket marketplace. Progress can also be made while working with suppliers who are close to the customers of your store. To keep your consumers satisfied, you can eventually reduce the overall shipping time of your products.

When it comes to automating Shopify dropshipping, Spocket is useful. You can add an unlimited number of products, together with descriptions and photographs, using the one-click option. Send your customers’ information to the appropriate suppliers automatically. Spocket also includes a real-time inventory update capability.

  1. Userlike

Userlike is one of the best options for live chat, which is one of the most used ways to interact with customers at your Shopify store.

Visitors to your website can instantly start a chat with you without using your phone or email. The real-time and in-person aspect of live chat, in contrast to phone or email, enables you to assist users throughout their whole online experience. from the landing page to the payment page.

This enables you to answer queries, create leads, and improve conversion rates.

Powerful features like complete chat window customization, preset messages, and intelligent routing are already included with Userlike. In addition, Userlike provides chatbots and WhatsApp integrations. It’s easy to add Shopify integrations that are free to your website.

  1. Free Shipping Bar

You could discover that you keep adding one or two additional items to your cart just to take advantage of free delivery. All of us have been there. But fortunately, Shopify provides a plugin made just for this purpose. The free shipping bar gives store owners a method to display a fresh shipping offer in a fully customizable bar at the top of their website.

According to one study, 88% of customers are more inclined to make a purchase at a website if free shipping is available. This plugin helps to enhance sales and average cart value and is completely free.

  1. Plug-in SEO

SEO is necessary for a successful online store to drive substantial traffic to its website. One of the best methods to increase traffic and sales is through effective SEO. To make sure they receive the best value for their money when it comes to SEO, over 90,000 store owners use Plugin SEO.

As an SEO helper, this Shopify plugin keeps an eye out for problems and notifies you right away if any are discovered. Page names, headings, meta descriptions, speed, blog post structure, content freshness, and many other crucial aspects of SEO are examined.

  1. Klaviyo: Marketing Automation
Klaviyo Plug-In

There is only one successful approach to expand your Shopify business: through marketing to the right target market in a way that allows you to forge and deepen true connections with your consumers.

With Klaviyo, you can keep track of all the most recent signals and trends displayed by the

  • Visitors of your site
  • Loyal Subscribers
  • Established Customers

After that, you may use all of this information to support your marketing plans. Since knowledge truly is power, you have a good chance of having a successful campaign.

  1. Email Marketing by CM Commerce
Cm Commerce Plug-In

It should go without saying that Email Marketing by CM Commerce gives you the ability to send clever emails to promote brand exposure and revenue. Users have access to high-converting templates that they may customize for their needs. Due to this functionality, it is the ideal plugin for business owners who are new to email marketing campaigns.

  1. Bundle Upsell
Bundle Upsell

One of the best ways to boost average order value is Upsell. Upselling is where you can create opportunities for your customers to purchase related products with the intent of making a larger sale. Upsell is everywhere because it’s tried and tested. 

This Shopify plugin displays similar products to those already in the cart encouraging customers to spend more money. Bundle Upsell also lets the user create custom bundles for any of your products in a few clicks.

  1. Wishlist Plus
Wishlist Plus

If you don’t have wishlist plus on your website, you’re missing out. A study found that including a wishlist on an e-commerce website increases sales by 19.3%. Just this static should be enough to make you rush out and buy Wishlist Plus right immediately. If not, there are still a few justifications for getting Wishlist Plus.

The user doesn’t even need to be logged in to use the feature, making it extremely simple to setup and tweak. The smart dashboard gives the store owner metrics and reports on the activity related to the wishlist. Owners can also use this information to better their sites and generate sales.

  1. Outfy
Outfy Plug-In

A one-stop shop for managing your social reach is Outfy. It is a fantastic choice for increasing visitors and sales. The following tasks are simple to complete with this plugin, which will ultimately save you time and money:

  • Publish all of your social media posts automatically.
  • having access to a variety of photographs that have been expertly developed to aid in promoting the store on social media
  • To manage your social media presence across all of your stores, connect them to Outfy.
  • Make lovely collages to post on social media
  • Use templates for captions to go with the photos you submit.
  • Create hashtags that automatically connect to your posts.
  1. Instagram Shop by Snapppt
Instagram Shop Plug-In

With 96% of firms active on Instagram, Instagram has recently become a big player in the fashion industry. Snapppt can assist you in making the most of this chance to build your Shopify store using Instagram.

Instagram only permits users to include one link in their bio, but Instagram Shop by Snapppt enables businesses to make the most of one link. The user is taken to an interactive shoppable feed where they can view and buy featured products on Instagram when they click the link.

  1. Buy Button Channel
Buy Button Plug-In

You may create a “Buy Button” for any of your goods and collections using this plugin, and then add it to your website.

The plugin’s Buy Button editor’s ease of use is one of its best features. You may easily match the same design and colour scheme as the layout and colour scheme of your website. This is fantastic for maintaining consistency in the branding. When you’re finished, just copy and paste the HTML code onto the website where you want your lovely button to appear.

Additionally, you can create quick checkout links that take them directly to the payment page. These are excellent to use into your social media advertisements.

  1. ReferralCandy
Refferal Candy

Although many content consumers are willing to recommend a product, few actually do. Once time is passed and there is no reminder, people typically forget about the wonderful experience. The referral program enters the picture here, and ReferralCandy excels at it.

You don’t have to do anything because this Shopify plugin entirely automates the referral program for you. Customers automatically receive rewards based on their choices.

Even the happiest customers occasionally forget to share a product with others, but ReferralCandy overcomes this by automatically sending an email to remind them to do so. This is crucial since it ultimately results in increased sales.

  1. Social Posts

Any store should ensure credibility, and Instagram social postings can help with that. Social pictures automatically compiles customer-tagged product-related Instagram photos into a gallery. Every image can have a direct connection to a product page, increasing sales.

The plugin promotes clients to become well-known on the website by displaying social evidence. Social media images have the power to accomplish anything. Whether it’s showing consumer photos or how photos are displayed, low-quality images are skipped. Everyone wishing to bring community to your online store should choose this software.

That’s it for now! These Shopify plugins are the best available. With a few of these plugins, it’s time to advance your online store. Many of these plugins can significantly improve conversions and signups while taking just a few seconds to install.

Although the features and functionalities of each of these Shopify plugins vary, they are all intended to boost sales. Without testing and experience, we understand that choosing the best apps for your sites may seem like a daunting task, but perhaps this list will make it possible.