Infiniqe Marketing

SNKR Essentials is a niche brand that contemplates coming up with a solution that helps every sneakerhead ascertain their sneakers are well-maintained without jeopardizing their appearance. The brand has been established with the intent to provide products that take the best possible care of sneakers in every way.

Work Undertaken

SNKR Essentials counseled us for Rebranding, Website designing, and Marketing with a motive to assist people to manage their sneakers without compromising on their appearance and taking up space. They possess products for every sneaker enthusiast and so, the brief quite simply was to reach out to sneaker lovers. 

The Enigma's Solution

We scrutinized the brand, its goals, and its values. Deliberately, we constructed an outline that would help the brand to emerge, being mindful of the target audience. Reaching out to the target demographic of young people and sneakerheads was part of our all-encompassing strategy. Through the use of colorful packaging and social media marketing, we assisted the brand in developing its identity.


As soon as an overview is drafted, comes branding which sets a brand distinctive from others and helps it to evolve as it makes a memorable and long-lasting impression on the customer. SNKR Essentials is a new-age brand, that allows people to organize their sneakers while proudly displaying them by encouraging them to choose the hue that best reflects their personality. They believe that keeping the sneakers manageable shouldn’t be complex. The packaging of the item is more crucial than the item itself since it is what draws attention. In consideration of their objectives, we created packaging that was aesthetically pleasing by selecting a dynamic range of hues that stand for and relate to modernity. The product's packaging embodies funkiness, eccentricity, and fun while also conveying a message to take care of the sneakers.

Social Media

Every business depends heavily on marketing, which is an essential component of every firm. With modern customs, digital marketing is becoming more and more well-liked and is known to produce noticeable benefits for firms. For SNKR Essentials, we systemized a photoshoot by creating a background that resonated with the brand and utilized props that made the products emerge. The power of social media marketing comes from the unparalleled capacity of social media in three core marketing areas: connection, interaction, and customer data. It uses social media apps as a marketing tool. We used various proven strategies for SNKR Essentials and took it to the next level by creating fun-loving and engaging posts on social media platforms. By using SEO practices, we made the brand more noticeable. 


 A website is a legitimate online identity of a business. Having a website is a prospect to make a first impression. With the progressive age, and constantly developing technologies, it is very important to keep up with the changes and showcase a brand to potential customers to help the business enlarge. To draw the target audience in a way that keeps them on the website and encourages them to make a purchase, the design must be well-functional and have complementary themes and typefaces. In light of this, we choose the best technologies that are appropriate for our clients. Due to its built-in plug-ins and user-friendly capabilities, Shopify was used to design and construct the website.

Product Photoshoot