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Chariot coffee, an Indian emerged coffee brand is curated by coffee enthusiasts and launched to cater to an exceptional sense of taste by creating a sip that is perfect and allows one to cherish the complete taste of coffee beans.

Work Undertaken

Chariot Coffee consulted us with the purpose of rebranding that would make them stand out in the market. The primary motive of the brand is to introduce people to delicious & high-quality coffee by reaching out to coffee enthusiasts as well as people of all age groups. The purpose quite simply was to maintain the passion by collaborating with dedicated and passionate individuals.

                               The Enigma's Solution

We strategically created an outline. Acknowledging, the brand, and its goals, we started with branding, followed by website design & development, and marketing.


Once you have effectuated the ideation for the product or services, what follows is to provide them with an identity that defines their existence. There’s a popular myth people believe in that once a business has proclaimed its presence or branding, re-branding cannot be done. With change being constant and the ongoing new trends, it is a requisite for the brands to change the persona of their products. Being a firm believer in this, we did the same thing for Chariot Coffee. Contemplating the target audience as genuine coffee enthusiasts, we introduced a premium range of arabica-based instant coffees and swapped it with flavored instant coffees. Taking this into consideration, we came up with a minimal and sophisticated design. The brochure design was our approach to being the first choice in the coffee lovers' heads so that they can be their baristas at home or workplace.

Social Media


Marketing is an indispensable part of every business and every single business is highly reliant on it. With contemporary conventions, digital marketing is getting more popular by the day and is proven to deliver appreciable results for brands. We precisely designed and developed strategies and campaigns to attract coffee enthusiasts by generating a desire to buy their products. Additionally, we also collaborated with influencers to take the brand up a notch. 

Our holistic approach to creating a brand identity was to conduct offline activities that were relatable to the youth by sponsoring products in college fests and familiarizing cafes with premium barrel-aged coffee beans.  


A website is an online embodiment of every business and e-commerce is an online store, so it is climacteric to design the website in a way that fascinates an increasing number of people to generate sales. The design should be well-functional, with compatible features to attract the target audience in a way that they don’t leave the website without making a purchase. Taking this into account, we opt for equipped best technologies, fit for our clients. The design and development of the website were done using Shopify as it has built-in plug-ins and user-friendly features. 

Product Photoshoot