Infiniqe Marketing

Kahira Biotech has quickly become India's largest beauty destination as it goes past simply being the greatest online store. Today, Kahira Biotech transports over the length and expansiveness of the nation to pretty much every postal division utilizing the administrations of driving and dependable dispatch organizations. 

Work Undertaken

With the aim of projecting itself as a Cruelty-free and 100% Vegan brand that specializes in Hair care and Skin Care, Kahira dropped in on us. They specialize in selling products made with natural ingredients and are committed to delivering customers high-quality goods. As a prominent eCommerce business for personal haircare and skincare products, they wanted to stand themselves as a cruelty-free company. To emerge and reach out as a cutting edge, was quite the narrative.

The Enigma's Solution

We created a comprehensive approach integrating website design and digital marketing, since we are experts in Social Media, SEO, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, and Google Ads, to make the business stand out and establish itself as a vegan brand focusing on naturally produced items. We were able to connect with people of all ages and increase brand recognition by using these items for the brand.

Social Media

A brand launch can be used by a company for a number of purposes, including recurring business. It also helps a company establish momentum and recognition within the industry, as well as increase interest in its products. In order to establish the company's presence online and make it simpler for customers to contact them, we developed a strategy for the online brand launch of Kahira Biotech that included launching the brand on various social media platforms and working on SEO, Influencers, Email Marketing, and Google Ads. The posts were kept informative yet quirky with memes and aesthetically pleasing colors to complement the grid.


A company's official online presence is its website. You can create a strong first impression online. In the modern era of quickly advancing technology, it is essential to keep up with advances and offer a brand to potential customers to help a business flourish. To draw the target audience in a way that keeps them on the website and encourages them to make a purchase, the design must be well-functional and have complementary themes and typefaces. As a result, we select the top technologies that are suitable for our clients. Because of its user-friendly features and built-in plug-ins to monitor the customer's journey, including the ability to send appealing offers via Whatsapp and reminders when shopping carts are abandoned, Shopify was chosen to develop the website.