Infiniqe Marketing

Everyone in the South Gujarat region is familiar with the moniker Madhi Ni Khamni. They offer a variety of breakfast and Gujarati snack alternatives that are loved by everyone.

Work Undertaken

Madhi ni Khamni absolutely needs no introduction as everyone in Gujarat is quite familiar with the brand. This highly loved food brand makes scrumptious Gujarati dishes such as Khamni, Fafda, Dhokla, and other delicacies. These dishes are savored by everyone on several occasions as well as on a daily basis. Having a digital identity is crucial in today’s era and Madhi ni Khamni consulted us with the same. The narrative was to give them a social media presence.

The Enigma's Solution

We strategically created a holistic approach to highlight the brand on various social media platforms via digital marketing. Our purpose was to assist the brand to emerge with an online presence and thus, a social media outline was designed

Social Media

Given that more people now prefer to use social media on a regular basis, digital marketing has expanded in popularity. Keeping a presence on social media is essential in the age of digital marketing. In order to systematize a photo session for Madhi ni Khamni, we created a background that was in line with the brand and created a festive vibe by utilizing elements that helped the products stand out. For Madhi ni Khamni, we developed a persona for the internet. To keep the feed engaging, we posted instructive content with memes and CTAs on social media.

Product Photoshoot