Infiniqe Marketing

Lakeview is one of the oldest and most well-known food businesses in Surat and has established itself as one of the city's top eateries. This popular multi-cuisine restaurant was founded with the intention of providing delectable cuisine at an affordable price.

Work Undertaken

Lakeview doesn't need to be introduced because the name has become well-known across Surat. This multi-cuisine restaurant has a stellar reputation and offers mouthwatering dishes including Punjabi, Indo-Chinese, Continental, and many more. Having a digital identity is crucial in the present day, and Lakeview approached us with the same. Their purpose was to establish an online presence.

The Enigma's Solution

We carefully planned a comprehensive strategy to use digital marketing to promote the brand on numerous social media channels. A social media strategy was created with the intention of helping the business establish itself online.

Social Media

As more people choose to regularly use social media, digital marketing has become more popular. Keeping a presence on social media is essential in the age of digital marketing. We prepared a photoshoot using elements that made the delicacies emerge and selected elements that resonated with the food dishes. We created a background that was compatible with the brand. Later, we developed a Lakeview social media identity. By posting meme content and CTAs, we maintained the social stream lively and engaging.

Product Photoshoot