Infiniqe Marketing

Palii Essentials is an efficacious essential oil-based organic and natural personal care brand. It denotes a luxurious, modern Ayurvedic brand. The business is committed to giving its customers top-notch products at affordable pricing.

Work Undertaken

Palii Essentials dropped in on us with the intent to emanate as an ayurvedic brand that specializes in luxury products. They deal in products that are essential oil based and are dedicated to delivering consumers high-quality products. Being a start-up business, they wanted to have a noticeable presence in the market. To emerge and reach out as a cutting edge, was quite the narrative.

The Enigma's Solution

We planned a holistic approach that would help the brand to be noticeable and emerge as a luxury ayurvedic brand dealing in essential oil-based products. Our strategic approach toward the brand was to reach out to females of all age groups and spread awareness through branding, website design, and social media marketing.


Branding, without a doubt, is quintessential and a step towards developing an identity. A business comes into existence, but what helps it in being noticed and emerging, is the branding. Having an existence as a start-up business, Palii Essentials yet had to develop an identity in the market, and we helped them with the same. We created a logo design for them by using elements from nature that did justice and related to Ayurveda such as Lord Buddha, Lotus, Oil drop, and Leaf. Depicting the luxe range of products, we used the color Gold to represent the name. Packaging is what catches a person’s attention, considering that, we used pastel colors and geometric designs, highlighting the brand logo. Sophisticated and soft fonts were used for the brand logo.


 A website is a company's official online identity. A website allows you to make a good first impression. It is crucial to stay up with developments and present a brand to potential clients in this modern age of rapidly evolving technology to help a business grow. The design must be well-functional and have complementing themes and typefaces to lure the target audience in a way that keeps them on the website and motivates them to make a purchase. As a result, we select the top technologies that are suitable for our clients. The website was created using Shopify due to its user-friendly features and built-in plug-ins.