Infiniqe Marketing

Patel Autocare is a complete car repair & maintenance workshop in Sydney, Australia. It was formed with the vision of providing top-notch Autocare with efficient pricing. An unparalleled experience is made possible by employing industry-leading equipment and mechanics with decades of experience at Patel Autocare.

Work Undertaken

Patel Autocare offers servicing, tire replacement, and all mechanical services required for full-service work, maintenance and repair services by using the most up-to-date diagnostic tools to ensure that the vehicles are repaired and serviced properly. They counseled us for an online presence that would help them emerge as an AutoCare brand and give them an identity. The narrative simply was to give them an online presence.

The Enigma's Solution

We thoughtfully created a thorough strategy to assist in the brand's emergence. We created a plan to set the brand apart from the competition, given the importance of an online presence for a business. We built a website first, then used social media marketing to assist the business become well-known.

Social Media

As more people choose to regularly use social media, digital marketing has become more popular. Keeping a presence on social media is essential in the age of digital marketing. We created a grid that was true to the brand and used elements that distinguished the services. For Patel Autocare, we developed a digital character. To keep the feed new and engaging, we published creative content on social media in addition to CTAs, showcasing deals on social media channels, and sponsored promotions.


A website serves as the brand's internet presence and helps it become more recognizable. A website provides clients with reliable information that helps differentiate the company from its competitors. A website should be designed with features including a contact page, a contact form, clear content, and a pleasant user experience. With these factors in mind, we designed a website with tasteful and subtle color schemes. For the brand, complementing color schemes and fonts were employed.