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Beroot Herbals is an aggregated natural skincare and haircare brand that maneuvers an amalgamation of components from the lap of nature for a contemporary lifestyle free from toxins. It pursues to deliver individuals with an extensive range of wellness products.

                                                           Work Undertaken

Beroot herbals approached us for Branding and Marketing. As the name suggests, they depict products inspired and drawn from nature and thus emerge as an all-natural and organic brand. Their intent was to target all generations, but youth in particular as they have a chaotic and busy lifestyle. The objective simply was to deliver nature and nurture with their raw and organic products. 

The Enigma's Solution

The brand, its objectives, and its values were seen by us. Taking that into consideration, we developed a strategy to start with brand identity and extended market awareness by targeting the upper middle class as a target demographic through internet marketing as the brand sought to establish an online identity. 


Subsequent to strategizing the outline for a brand, comes branding that gives a business its distinctiveness and helps it to evolve. What sets a brand apart from its competitors, is its individuality and its motto. Beroot herbals profoundly believe in the essence of herbs and nature. A logo is an emblem of words, images, and colors that depicts a brand and its range of products. We thoroughly studied the brand and constructed a logo symbolizing the elements of the brand such as nature and herbs so we used a leaf representing nature and roots symbolizing the essence of the earth. The packaging of the product is what catches a person’s eye as that is what sells the product. There are numerous things to be taken into consideration like color, theme, font, etc. Considering all of these factors, we combined natural materials and represented them in an exquisite yet more subdued manner because the brand is associated with herbs and nature.

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Product Photoshoot