Infiniqe Marketing

With a carefully chosen selection of magnificent designer carpets covering a wide range and appealing to every inclination, taste, and desire, WovenDreams provides people with the best value. They strive to improve the aesthetics of your home or place of business.

Work Undertaken

Woven dreams seek to provide royalty in every place, through its crafted selection of rugs and carpets. They specialize in customized rugs and are unlike any other brand. They counseled us for social media marketing to emerge in the online marketplace through social media platforms. The narrative simply was to help them attain an identity via social media posts.

The Enigma's Solution

We provided a strategic framework that would aid in the brand's social media platform emergence. To help the brand establish itself as a significant provider of royal home décor, a social media strategy was planned along with 3D designs, that made the social profile look more appealing.


Social Media

Digital Marketing has become more prevalent as people prefer to use social media daily. In the era of digital marketing, it is crucial to have a social media presence. Considering the same, we launched Woven Dreams on all social media platforms and developed a strategy that would help their products sell. We created a very pleasing and aesthetic social media feed, pleasing and engaging to look at. Along with this, we also posted about the Indian heritage representing royalty and craftsmanship. The color selection and collection of the carpets were also taken into consideration in a way that looked soothing to the eyes.