Infiniqe Marketing

Evolve Essentials is a range of feminine care products, carefully chosen to benefit both Mother nature and Womankind. An “EVOLVED” brand that emphasizes respect for women and strives to make personal care more appealing.

Work Undertaken

To succeed, Evolve Essentials set out to create a line of personal care items that would support women during their menstrual cycles and promote intimate cleanliness. Their product line is made to relieve the ladies during the menstrual cycle since it covers all aspects of personal care. The narrative quite simply was to stand out as a personal wellness brand.

The Enigma's Solution

Our strategy towards the brand to help it emerge as a wellness brand, was to target females of all age groups, and spread awareness about the personal wellness brand. To develop an online identity, we took over the social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook by creating engaging and informative posts about the brand’s hygiene products.

Social Media

Given that more individuals now prefer to utilize social media every day, digital marketing has grown increasingly common. Having a social media presence is essential in the age of digital marketing. We developed an online persona for Evolve Essentials. The updates on social media were quirky yet useful, and the feed was kept aesthetically pleasing with a coordinated color scheme. Memes and original blog entries on feminine hygiene and CTAs effectively raise awareness.


A website serves as a company's online presence and provides information about the company. A website also demonstrates a company's legitimacy and aids in the development of an online persona. Because the brand is all about femininity, we chose pastel colors and more feminine fonts for the website's design and development to represent the brand's calmness. The website was created using Shopify due to its user-friendly features and built-in plug-ins.