Infiniqe Marketing

Kiara Group, est. 1920, is a textile company dealing in dyeing, printing, and weaving services. Leveraging their understanding of the textile industry, they entered the home of textiles in 2011 as a market leader in Drapes and Curtains. They have also established a firm footing in Apparel fabric dyeing and printing. 

Work Undertaken

Kiara group was prepared to start its journey in the textile Industry as an avant-garde and environmentally friendly brand with the goal of providing flawless quality weaves and designs. They specialize in curtains and drapes and think that color is an essential component of contemporary textile design. It is important to build a brand to build credibility, acquire more customers, and to stand out from the competition in the textile sector, and the narrative's limited purpose was to help them with their online and social media presence.

 The Enigma's Solution

To aid in the brand's emergence, we carefully designed a comprehensive strategy. Given the significance of an online presence for a brand, we developed an outline to make the brand stand out from the competition. We started with website construction, followed by social media marketing, to help the brand establish itself as a key dealer in dyeing, weaving, and printing.

Social Media

In the era of digital marketing, it is essential for a brand to have a social media presence because new social media users are joining every second. By designing a scene that reflected the company and using items that helped the products stand out, we systematized a photoshoot. Kiara was then introduced on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. The posts on social media emphasised the superior weaving, dying, and printing that they produced. We made sure to highlight every step of the process and to include relevant information in each one as part of their effort to stand out in the textile industry.


In the modern era of quickly advancing technology, it is crucial to keep up with developments and show a brand to potential customers to help a firm emerge. To draw in the target audience and keep them interested, the design must be user-friendly and have complementary themes and typefaces. We choose the best technology as a result that is best for our clients.