Infiniqe Marketing

A nutraceutical firm called New Secret offers products for sexual well-being that are made completely of natural ingredients. Without regard for regional or cultural barriers, the brand seeks to address these problems on a worldwide basis. 

Work Undertaken

New secret approached us for branding with the determination to aggrandize sexual wellness comprising all-natural components. They aspire to solve sexual problems on a global scale regardless of regional or cultural restraints. Regarding these matters, the directive was very clear: assist the company in becoming a wellness brand.

The Enigma's Solution

We curated a strategic outline after apprehending what the brand was about and learning about its goals.With the target population in mind, our holistic strategy was to target young people in particular. As a result, we started with logo design and then moved on to creating a striking yet appealing package to attract customers.


Consumers get exposed to new brands every day and so, The most apparent reason a company requires branding is to stand out from the competition. In order to address sexual problems globally, New Secret sells items for both men's and women's sexual well-being. The motive of the brand was to emerge as a sexual wellness brand that would help people. The brand has products for every individual. By confirming a brand's professionalism and encouraging customers to remain around, a well-designed logo fosters trust. We designed a logo for the brand out of concern for these things. The colors pink and blue were used to reflect the range of unisex items. The chosen fonts were kept throughout the branding process. The fonts have a black background and white lettering. The product's packaging talks more about it than the actual product does since it is what attracts and encourages customers to buy the product. Considering the factors while designing packaging, we decided on the color black for the packaging since it denotes boldness, strength, and elegance. The product's packaging was maintained professional and attractive, effectively showcasing the brand.


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