Infiniqe Marketing

Magik Meal is a ready-to-cook brand that seeks to provide everyone access to a delicious and nutritious takeout alternative. The brand was created with the many individuals in mind who struggle to locate meals that are similar to those found at home.

Work Undertaken

Magik Meal confabulated us with their brand and  their intent. The business specializes in creating convenient, hassle-free fast-packaged cuisine that tastes like home and is available in a matter of minutes. They wanted to emerge as an instant meal brand with natural ingredients and Quality ingredients. The instruction was crystal clear in regard to these issues: help the business establish itself as a ready-to-eat brand.

The Enigma's Solution

Considering everything about the brand and its intent, we created a strategic outline, helping the brand to stand out, Our all-encompassing strategy aimed to raise awareness among young people and those who travel more frequently. Since the brand was created to assist people in cooking hassle-free without prior preparation, all audiences were targeted.


A crucial component of marketing is branding, which is necessary to help a company stand out from the competition by assisting it to create its own personality. It's a prerequisite for a start-up business. Magik Meal was started with the intent of hassle-free and travel-friendly cooking, to simplify meals without compromising on the taste. A brand logo is the first thing people notice about a business and it is an amalgamation of the business's motives and principles and sets it apart from its competitors. We created a logo while taking the goals of this brand into account. The logo icon represents a cheerful chef, and the basic, lovely sans-serif font reflects the brand's friendliness and simplicity toward its clients. Since it is what draws and motivates customers to buy the product, the packaging was kept compact, keeping in mind the travel-friendly feature of the brand, and a color scheme that matched the color yellow was preferred. 

Social Media

Marketing is a vital aspect of every company and is significantly reliant on it. Digital marketing is more popular in today's culture and is acknowledged to offer tangible advantages to businesses. In light of this, we developed the Magik Meal social media strategy and introduced the brand on numerous social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram. We chose complementary colors for the brand's social media profiles, which were kept on a yellow theme. For social media postings, we mixed educational pieces with memes and CTAs to keep the feed interesting.