Infiniqe Marketing

Sequra is a modular railing manufacturer that provides top-quality goods guaranteed to deliver an unparalleled experience and the highest level of safety. The designs are meant to improve your place’s aesthetic appeal while enhancing its dependability and security. 

Work Undertaken

Our perceptions of Sequra were clouded by its brand and purpose. The company specializes only in making the highest-quality railings that offer the highest level of safety. The task was to simply assist the company in establishing an internet presence because they wished to become known as a manufacturer of modular railings.

The Enigma's Solution

We offered a comprehensive plan to help the business establish itself on social media. A social media strategy was developed to assist the brand to emerge on social media platforms and establish itself as a key supplier of modular railings.

Social Media

Marketing is a vital part of every company and is significantly reliant on every organization. Digital marketing is more popular in today's culture and is acknowledged to offer tangible advantages to businesses. We launched the brand on numerous social media sites to give it an online presence. A complementary grid and aesthetically pleasant color combinations were used to keep social media uploads informative.