Infiniqe Marketing

Unifirm is a brand, structured to increase an organization’s productivity. A company that offers a software solution that merges staff monitoring and management, data analysis, and fast help tools. It aims to change how company owners operate their enterprises.

Work Undertaken

Unifirm connected with us with the intent to assist them with branding. The company simplifies a business's operations by streamlining tasks. It is formulated for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises. They wanted to emerge as an assistive technology for businesses. The brief quite simply was to help the business establish itself as an organization-friendly business. 

 The Enigma's Solution

We developed a strategic outline, taking into account the brand's purpose. Our approach was developed using a complete strategy, and our target audience was determined to be young people and company owners. We wanted to raise awareness among enterprises of all kinds with substantial employee populations. 


A company's unique identity and support for growth are provided by branding, which occurs after developing the core elements of a brand. Unifirm, as the name suggests, takes the business a step closer to its ideal organization by streamlining the tasks for the business. It is a holistic approach to business management that is both efficient and inventive. A brand logo is an essential component of any company and defines the brand by employing the principles that the company upholds. We combined the name and the mission of the brand in the logo design. The brand is extremely effectively represented by U+steps+connection, thus we combined those components to design a logo. Corporate identity is another step to help the brand stand out because the public’s perception of a company can help build a consumer following, thus contributing to success. We created brand stationery and business cards for the brand's corporate identity using black as a dominant color in the backdrop and complementary colors to make the brand logo stand out.