Infiniqe Marketing

Neon Secret is an efflorescent premier men’s undergarment online store. Their quality grade is inflexible and they acknowledge that every individual has their signature hue of personality and approach.

Work Undertaken

As an emerging brand, Neon Secret reached out to us with branding that would help them secure a place in the eCommerce market. The brand promotes sustainability by utilizing MicroModal fabric, which provides ultimate comfort and support and is perfect for men's underwear. The simple directive was to reach out and emanate as a modern and sustainable brand.

The Enigma's Solution

We carefully considered the goals and guiding ideals of the brand. With the target audience in mind, we purposefully designed an outline that would let the brand emerge by approaching upper-middle-class men with the newest undergarment that was sustainable and comfortable. Logo design and packaging were done in a manner that would attract individuals to purchase the product. 


A brand's uniqueness and philosophy are what set it distinct from its rivals. Neon Secret supports environmental sustainability by using MicroModal, a high-end material made from the cellulose of beechwood trees and produced in accordance with sustainable practices. A logo is the most prominent thing to be noticed by the audience and helps a brand mold its identity. After getting accustomed to the brand, we designed its logo. As the name implies, we combined the n and s together as both of these letters define the brand. Since the colour pattern is vibrant and contemporary, neon, which goes by the initials N, stands for modernism. S stands for secret, which represents the fabric's natural origin and signifies the brand's exclusivity. The product's packaging speaks louder about it than the actual product does because it is what attracts and encourages customers to buy the product. Considering the elements to design a product, we chose a color palette using color psychology, correspondent to Neon. The packaging was kept compact and fun, delivering the brand’s message. 


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